Radon is fixable.

The damaging effects of lung cancer are not.

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Platinum Edge Home Solutions is proud to offer the GUARDIAN® Footer Channel Drainage System. GUARDIAN® collects basement water seepage right where it occurs, the wall/floor joint. With its compact size, the GUARDIAN® track is designed to install quickly on the footing, limiting the amount of concrete that needs to be removed and replaced.

 GUARDIAN®’s wall flange guides water seepage from weep-holes down to the drainage channel below. Components connect easily, making for a clean and simple installation. GUARDIAN® basement waterproofing will be your “main” solution for draining water problems away, for good!

Platinum Edge Home Solutions has the experience you need for basement interior waterproofing at prices you can afford. Trust Platinum as your experts for Waterproofing & Diversion in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding areas.