Radon is fixable.

The damaging effects of lung cancer are not.

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We believe the products we use are superior to others that are offered in the industry. We use fans from Festa Radon Technologies Co. Festa, like Platinum Radon Solutions is a family owned business which has provided products for over 20 years. They take pride in their workmanship and stand behind their products with a 5 year full replacement warranty. Only the best products for the best clients go into our radon systems offered to our clients who live in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Festa fans use a technology called "compression molding". Compression molding is a more expensive process than injection molding used by other radon fan manufacturers.

Festa fans are completely UV resistant and will not discolor with exposure to the sun.

As you can see, Festa fans stay white and our gray fans stay gray. You will never see a Festa fan on a home or building having turned yellow.

These are examples of other radon fan manufacturers fans. After just a few years outdoors in the sun and elements, they discolored and look terrible. Who wants that kind of eye sore on the side of their house?! Platinum Radon Solutions believes your radon systems show look as good as they look. Radon Systems are a must in Omaha and Lincoln for many real estate transactions.

Festa Radon Fans