Radon is fixable.

The damaging effects of lung cancer are not.

Test your home today!

Platinum Radon Solutions is able to alleviate your water drainage and possible foundation issues with the installation of exterior underground drainpipe. 

With little disruption to your yard, Platinum Radon Solutions will dig a small trench away from your home to bury your gutters and sump discharge lines. This will create a cleaner look for your home and will be your “main” solution for draining water problems away from your foundation, for good!

Having your downspouts buried also makes yard maintenance easier. No more trimming or mowing around the obstacle in your yard.

Platinum Radon Solutions has the experience you need for exterior water diversion at prices you can afford. Trust Platinum as your experts for Exterior Water Diversion in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

Exterior water DIVERSION