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We offer egress windows in Omaha, lincoln & the surrounding areas

Platinum Edge Home Solutions is proud to offer two different styles of egress windows. Each style has different wall and cover options, however all egress windows come with Pella Windows.

Below you will find images and options for both the Monarch and RockWell Egress Windows. Platinum Edge Home Solutions is proud to offer top of the line options that not only add value to your home, but are a necessity in keeping your family safe. 

Look through the images in the slide show to the right to see pictures of work that we have done for many satisfied customers. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

Platinum Edge Home Solutions also offers custom metal egress window grates. If you have an irregular size, contact us today for a free estimate.

Egress Windows are an easy way to increase your home's value and safety and we offer solutions in Omaha, Lincoln, Gretna and the surrounding areas.

Stif Back II Well

The Stif Back II Well comes in 4 different colors. Stone View, White, Sandalwood and Galvanized. Ladders made of high-grade steel are available to match in 3 different colors. Dimensions of the ladders are 12" step-to-step, 4" projection to meet egress. They are available in 3 through 7 rung options.​ This window well comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Monarch Egress Windows

RockWell Premier Series
RockWell Elite Series

The Monarch Egress Windows comes with 3 different well cover options.

Thermal-Hinge Cover - Designed to keep wells dry and debris free while protecting your family, friends and pets. It supports up to 44 pounds per square foot and is sloped for rain, ice and snow runoff. One handed, easy latch operation for egress compliance.

EZ Thermal Cover - The aluminum frame and high strength fluted polycarbonate make this cover more attractive than a bubble cover. Covers clip in place but pop off easily for safe exits during an emergency.

Steel Grate Cover - Constructed of steel angle and flattened expanded metal for strength and durability. These grates are light enough to lift off for emergency exits, but their grid pattern is not only designed for air flow, but to also keep out animals and debris.

RockWell Egress Windows come with two options for covers.

Polycarbonate Covers - Polycarbonate Covers prevents accidental falls into open window wells. They keep leaves and debris out of the window well while allowing natural light to enter your basement with UV light protection. They are engineered to hold up to 500 pounds.

Metal Grates - Metal grates prevent accidental falls into open window wells. The grates allows for ventilation for your basement as well as allowing natural sunlight to enter. They are engineered to hold up to 500 pounds and come in an earth tone power coat paint to blend with landscaping.

There is an optional safety ladder for the RockWell Premier Series which comes in an earth tone powder coat paint which facilitates escape from window wells.

  • Deep corrugations in the rust-resistant, galvanized steel help this well resist against backfill and job site extremes.
  • Heavy-duty G90 galvanizing contributes corrosion resistance.
  • Rolled 3/4" top edge reinforces the design while adding egress safety.
  • Standard single-price sizes range up to 6' wide by 6' high.
  • Custom-order wells range up to 9' high.

RockWell Egress Windows

The RockWell Egress Window Series comes in two styles, the Elite Series and the Premier Series. Both RockWell's Elite and Premier Series are egress compliant. With built-in steps, you will have peace of mind knowing your family can escape from your basement in the event of an emergency. The two color options of gray and tan look and feel like real stone. The durability of RockWell Egress Windows guarantees high strength and it will not collapse from backfill. It is resistant to water, frost and the extreme temperatures that we have in the Midwest. The wells are one-piece rigid composite construction that are rust and rot proof, as well as UV resistant. Both series come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.